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The great world of warcraft experiment! PvP? it should be OPvP!

After setting up key bindings and going through a multitude of macros to try and eek out as much competitive edge out of my 85 toon (level cap without Mists of Pandaria), I found that battlegrounds could leave a bitter taste in one’s virtual chomper. I can say this because of the simple reason that […]

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World of Warcraft Lore at it’s best…should you give Blizzard a hand?

The first entry into the “Lords of War” series is out and there is no doubt that Blizzard is going all out in its campaign to support the up and coming release of their new expansion “Warlords of Draenor”. The beginnings of the Shattered Hand is featured in this first episode and we see Kargath […]

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The Great World Of Warcraft Experiment! Practicality, Practicality and Practicality.

Upon entering Azeroth, well what was left of it after the cataclysm, I was impressed by a multitude of things, reassured by some, and completely underwhelmed by a little – of what I came across in this ‘new old’ world. The game presented itself well enough simmilar to what we’ve all seen in vanilla WoW. However, as […]

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Blizzard has, to many gamers’ chagrine, created a game so devastatingly addicting that it has been used as a benchmark for many other games namely that of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (Try saying that seven times!). This boom in World of Warcraft has also spawned a plethora of other games that try to imitate […]


Captain America 3 In The Works! Bring it!

We all loved Winter Soldier and It’s now in the works for Chris Evan’s Captain America to get another chance to do more cape crusadin’ in a sequel that will be directed once more by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo. As expected, the brother directing team were very reluctant to reveal what they have in store […]

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Epic Hair! Epic Grooves!

Of course we remember those epic 16 bit midi files that we grew up with and of course, we remember their remakes. From James Hill playing Super Mario level one on his ukulele to Bcutter’s YouTube channel. But never and I mean never has a guy dedicated so much to the passion we have for […]