Gotham: It ain’t exactly Good

God, I wanted Gotham to be good.

I wanted Gotham to be great and in many cases it is, but unfortunately, it’s not the best thing on TV right now. The thing about Gotham is that it’s supposed to be about a prequel. It’s the place where Arkham, The Joker, Riddler, Hush, Scarecrow, and everyone found their start.

Gotham gets that, way too much and tries to play it straight faced all the way through.

The acting is great; every person plays their role well enough. Donal Logue does a great Harvey, but this is where I learn to doubt this series. The first episode is too filled with Batman related origins, and I get that it’s supposed to be about that, but even then, you get the feel that the creators are shoving too much in one episode.



Gordon is a great character on his own, but in the span of 45 minutes, almost half of the Batman villain lore is revealed. It doesn’t end up interesting enough to follow. Gotham’s filled with interesting characters and they are building Gordon to be the realist he eventually becomes. In many ways though, their trying to rush it, milking the first episode for as much nerd love as they can and that sucks. This is true for everyone except Fish Mooney, who is supposedly going up against the biggest crime syndicates in the city. She’s charismatic and fun to follow along with.

Spoiler warning:

For those that know a thing or two about Batman, here are some extra gripes I have about Gotham’s storyline. Okay, you have to admit that there are too many references into the series that don’t matter right now. Donal, one of my favorite underused actors, plays Clayface. Freaking Clayface! Penguin, Joker, Catwoman, and countless other major players show up in the first episode, making this series seem like its setting up stories that won’t play out that well. Like rolling several die many times and trying to keep track of each result while they’re rerolled again and again.


In the end, this series would have played better if the writers made it unravel like a slow boiling crime drama. A slow introduction and development of characters would have made each of them fuller and able to pull off bigger arcs. If you want to try something a little more fun, The Flash is now on its second episode. Sure, it’s a little dumber than Gotham, but at the same time, The Flash is also a lot more fun to watch.

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Weekly Comic Round-Up: Hawkeye

Marvel's Hawkeye

You know what sucks about being an Avenger? The only time when being an Avenger, a hero of goodness and Ass Kickery, sucks? It’s when you’re the one who slings a bow and arrow around his back and has no super powers. Oh it well and truly sucks a nut being Hawkeye.

But there are some upsides which Matt Fraction jauntily points out as he sees us through the quirky life of the purple archer just trying to make ends meet outside of the group and S.H.I.E.L.D.

We open up this comic series to a scene; Hawkeye is performing his special grappling arrow move. Then, he fails at it, falling quickly unto the roof of a car and breaking several bones in the process. After that, we see the aftermath of something tragic. Clint Barton hurtles into the hospital holding a severely hurt dog. These are just the introductory pages to a vigilante story told in a very unique manner.

Over the course of 20 issues, I’ve come to love Hawkeye and his unlucky ways. He isn’t like the rest of Avengers because his code of ethics falls firmly on the chaotic Robin Hood side of goodness.

Clint Barton, outside of the Avengers, suffers a lot of things we have to go through, daily. He’s almost constantly broke, stealing money from the vaguely Eurasian thugs that he keeps crossing paths with. His renown spreads over time, however, as the people of his building start to respect him for his vigilante ways. No one there, however, has any illusions of who Clint really is.

Oh, Matt doesn’t try to dismiss Hawkeye’s love life either. For anyone who wonders about Black Spider and Clint’s relationship? Well Hawkeye regards her as his ‘Work Wife’. Funny, huh? And there’s Kate… Oh Kate, lovely, Lady Hawkeye.



Hawkeye is one of those comics that exude a great amount of warmth by telling us a story that is familiar. Clint’s not the best Avenger in the world, he’s isn’t even the most popular. That leaves him with a bit of a minority complex so he tends to overcompensate, a lot. However, no matter how surrounded he is, he’ll always find a way out relatively unscathed.

Unfortunately, that fight instinct also applies to the way he deals with the people trying to help. Our comic protagonist is filled with conflicting morals like this, and so he tends to screw up even when he has the best intentions in mind. This complexity in character makes him much more relatable than his super-powered counter parts.

He’s an excellent addition to Marvel’s ever growing list of unique but powerfully written characters.

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Welcome to the Grind: A Misconception Of Misconceptions: What I Think Destiny Really Is(A Sort Of Review)

Your Destiny Awaits

I’ve played about 40+ hours of Destiny to date, and despite my efforts I’ve only gained 1 level above 20. That is about 3 low level rares(Level 17 items) with about 5-7 Light each. Me and my brothers(2 of them) continually discuss and bicker about games, about what they are, which we like or hate, anything we can think of. Recently my youngest brother paid me a visit and in the middle of him asking to boost my Battlefield 4 account(he is 1000x better than me at FPSes) so he could boast his BF4 skills, he prematurely spat out: “Destiny sucks people are saying”. Quick to defend my 40+ hours of grind, I quickly said: “Maybe that’s what purist FPS folk say” – which got me thinking, why is an old “thirteenager” like me, who’s more of an MMORPGer, spending so much time on an FPS. Shouldn’t I be worrying about the queues in ArcheAge or grinding another hardcore Beyond league toon in PoE?

Kubasang Tantra Online

Kubasang Tantra Online

So let me try and break it down a bit for you. Some of the best MMO experiences I’ve had were with early 2000’s were with Korean MMORPGs. One that I cannot forget is Tantra Online, from closed beta to release we played that game religiously and even spent nights at the cafe I worked at leveling our characters till our eyes bled. A big factor for me wasting a big portion of my life on Tantra was because I had a lot of friends in game and in the real world playing the game, and we, together, learned the art of “GRIND“. We would find the safest spots to kill “Kubasang“s at level 40 and kill them as fast as we could for 4-6 hours at a time, counting the .1 – .01 they added to experience and celebrate with a cigarette break each time a Strong Kambu would drop. The Kambu would sell for 2-4 million and make up for the hours of labor, the experience points were just a plus when you found a Kambu. We would party up and let another person in the party sleep while the rest of the party marched around the hill all night, leeching friends while chatting up idle banter to keep it interesting.

AllodsAnother game that shook me to the core was the Russian made Allods Online. Not to boast but I may have been one of the earlier players to reach max level. I found a cozy little spot where elementals spawned fast and did a lot of damage to melee players to keep them away and grinded the shit out of it. Being a healer I had all sorts of resistance buffs which made it easy. I played that game almost 10 hours a day. We even exploited the instance reset bugs and just farmed instances until everyone in our group had more orange legendaries filling our inventories than we could use. We had been one of the first groups to actually sail out onto other Allods on the NA servers we actually killed the game for us. It seemed like we’d eaten up almost all of the game content and if it weren’t for interesting group on Team Speak we had we would have stopped bored a long time back. Real life called me back from Allods and soon I left the gaming behind – well just for a while.

In May 2012, Diablo III was released. Beyond the error 37 fiasco and everyone hating on the game, me and a few friends spent more than 500-1000 hours within the first six months of it’s release. I got so into it, I had forgone my Guildwars 2 headstart and completely forgot about it. The real money auction broke that game for a lot of people, for me, the damn thing got me banned. Yes I botted. I had turned a little fortune from the game I am ashamed to say, and even started a small bot farm. When I discovered by one of my brothers, he was speechless, upset and disappointed. He looked at me with disdain even if he didn’t play Diablo III, for him the mere cash driven intent that reeked from my 3 PC make shift farm went against everything honest and “Gamer” credo he ever believed in. Understand that I was looking at this as a source of income now not a game anymore and that’s everything wrong about making gaming about the money.

I remember around that time a popular bot called Hellbuddy had some controversy cycling around the internet. People had paid over $100 for a lifetime license for the software and were using it quite comfortably when all of a sudden Blizzard threw a cease and desist at the developer which made him run off with everyone’s money. Everyone was upset and most payments could not be reversed. On the other hand the German run Demonbuddy had remained strong, winning Blizzard’s court case against them they were able to continue to sell, update and operate Demonbuddy – I guess – upto this day.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

In no way am I condoning people to use bots, in Diablo III or any game. The four accounts I had been running including my main wizard account have been banned for 20 years and I’ve no intention to bot in any game again, just too much time, effort and risk for such a small operation. I currently have 1 account with Blizzard and haven’t gotten into Reaper of Souls even. Although the hardcore league seems like it is something I might look into in the future.

Another MMORPG I spent a lot of time with was Guildwars 2. More for the WvW facet of it than anything else. I didn’t go for my Legendary although I would have wanted to, WvW season was so much fun and it was what kept me and a few friends into it. I’d found an NA guild which took their World vs World seriously, they had made it a point for everyone to rally at around 8pm – 9pm at night and just run over everything on every borderland map. It was fun until drama started to seep in, being a guild that had bounced around several servers in the past, the guild I was in started to feel “some” weight in keeping the WvW of the current servers standings up. There was a lot of blaming and pointing after the first season, again they moved, and we were left behind. Around then GW2 pushed out a patch that made it impossible for me to play on maps that were populated, I couldn’t even do farming trains, the frame rate would dip to 5-15 frames per second and sometimes even lower. So I held off on most games till I was able to upgrade just recently.


So what does all of this have to with Destiny. Aside from wanting to chronicle my long history with MMORPGs(Some of them I haven’t listed here even), I feel like Destiny is gunning for the same grindy feel MMORPGs have. I would have expected to have had some OK gear by now but I have nothing but shitty items that I know are just a bridge toward the Legendaries, which in turn are temps for exotics, and looking at things these legendaries and exotics aren’t the have all end all of the game, expansions are coming and it looks like the level cap will be raised and more items will be added. 6 man raids I hear will only allow friends.

Ok, almost everyone knows this, so what’s your point.

My point is I noticed that hardcore FPS players from Battlefield and even Counterstrike have been bad mouthing the game for being a little too forgiving towards people who suck at FPSes(like me). Even in Crucible everyone is given a chance as enemy location is indicated via motion sensor and ability attacks can wipe out the whole enemy squad. Not that it doesn’t reward skill shots, it does, but it gives people who don’t have cat like reflexes enough to fight back.

Some players are complaining about how much the story line sucked or how little content there is. You’re looking at it wrong, look at early bosses like Sepkis or Abomination like Andariel or the Butcher, if you haven’t died in a Strike mission you’re not playing Destiny right, or at least not the way it was meant. A netizen coined up “World of Halocraft”, and that’s almost about right. You can’t say a game sucks and is boring while playing the normal story mode or dominating Crucible because your a natural with console shooters. Get into a level 24 heroic map and finish it on your own, then you’ll find yourself sliding back to lower heroics or Crucible scouring them for better gear. For sure, sooner or later you’ll find yourself asking friends to help you out. When you’ve reached that point, I will pat you on the back and simply say: “Welcome to the Grind“.

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Hey Destiny, Is That… Dr. Robotnik?

Robotnik Looks Like Destiny Acolyte

On the left is a Fallen Acolyte from Destiny, on the right is Megaman’s Dr. Robotnik. I’m not sure if we’re the only one who noticed this… THE FALLEN ARE MAVERICKS!


Day 1 Destiny Gameplay

Lets Play Destiny

We’ve been waiting for Destiny for ages. We didn’t get to play open beta so we just jumped into the game without little or even no knowledge of the game and its mechanics whatsoever. Finally, rolling with a Warlock, we traverse the ruins of earth with Peter Dinklage as our conscience and tour guide, to shoot stuff! SHOOOOT MORE STUFF!!! AND BLOOOW THEIR STUFF UP!!! And also ride that speeder from Star Wars.

Okay, so here’s what what we think of Destiny so far.

We felt Skyrim – open world, epic landscape, a warlock that’s a dragonborn – mashed up with Mass Effect, upgrade-able weapons, skills that give you mob advantage, armor, travelling through those mass relays, ooops.. wait scratch that! And some other MMORPG elements like respawning mobs and minor shit.

That’s our 5 second, $2 burger take on Destiny! It kept us coming back for more, it made us kill everything and anything that came into our sights. Destiny will have you running over the same mobs and maps repeatedly but somehow, you won’t care, not with your new shiny sniper rifle you won’t.

One thing we couldn’t do a lot was play with other people, cause we kept getting kicked out of the server, and it was lonely walking on the moon alone… so lonely.

This will be a continuing series so keep tune and subscribe to our channel!

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Batman: Arkham Knight Limited And Batmobile Editions

Batman Arkham Knight Collectors Edition

Batman Akrham Knight just brewed up a storm with its Batmobile gameplay last E3. Rocksteady games just confirmed the June 2, 2015 release and also revealed their awesome collector’s editions. Hot damn.

Batman Arkham Knight Collectors Edition

Batman Arkham Knight Collectors Edition

Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition

  • Custom Art Book – 80 Page, Full Colour Art Book Showcasing the concept art of Batman Arkham Knight
  • Limited Edition SteelBook™ – Unique SteelBook™ case and game disc
  • Comic Book – Limited Edition DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight #0 Comic Book
  • Exclusive Character Skin Pack – Three Unique Skins from DC Comics; The New 52
  • Batman Memorial Statue – Imposing statue commemorating Gotham’s Protector, the Dark Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition(No listed price yet?)

  • Custom Art Book – 80 Page, Full Colour Art Book Showcasing the concept art of Batman Arkham Knight
  • Limited Edition SteelBook™ – Unique SteelBook™ case and game disc
  • Comic Book – Limited Edition DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight #0 Comic Book
  • Exclusive Character Skin Pack – Three Unique Skins from DC Comics – The New 52
  • Transforming Batmobile Statue – Fully transformable Batmobile statue realised in exquisite detail by TriForce
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Weekly Comic Round-Up: Ms. Marvel

Dark comics are fun to read and number in the hundreds. Bedlam freaks you out by dragging you through a city of serial killers. Preacher makes the argument that if there was a God, he can be callous, narcissistic, and maybe even sociopathic. Southern Bastards tells a personal story filled with country side violence.

However, these grim comics offer very little in the way of bright moments and instead use dark humor as a means to make smile.

Sometimes you gots ta have a little levity in your life, and there’s a ton of that to be found in Marvel’s reboot of Ms. Marvel.

Delicious Infidel Meat

Delicious Infidel Meat

Now what strikes me as awesome about this comic is that it’s very non-traditional. That image above is of our heroine Kamala. She’s a Pakistani-American who actively practices the Islamic faith. That’s right; Marvel took one helluva step forward and added someone very different to their roster of heroes.

Now, Ms. Marvel is awesome for many reasons. It’s about a young, out of place girl who’s just trying fit in with her American peers. She’ also a complete nerd; often writing Avengers fan fictions for fun, and she also identifies as short and awkward.

All of it is actually very reminiscent of how Peter Parker found his start and his crowd, but Kamala is significant in another way.

Ms. Marvel reaches out to more than just the young, awkward male teen. It crosses borders and tells kids around the world being a hero doesn’t mean you have to be of a specific gender, or race. Don’t get me wrong though, Ms. Marvel is fun in its own right. Kamala is a charming character filled with personal quirks that will make you pitch a fit of laughter.

She’s still trying to find her identity in a world where most heroes seem to be predominantly white.

Being a person of color and of a different creed makes that even harder for her to achieve. There’s even a scene where she uses her powers to appear like the traditional Ms. Marvel, blonde, slender and Caucasian because she wouldn’t believe a person like her is what a standard heroine looked like.

Ms. Marvel isn’t just about a teen struggling through High School life. It’s also about the under representation of people who are different in popular media. The comic’s being brave; standing up for something new in a time when we need a little more of that in the world, and that makes me feel like everything’s gonna be marvelous.

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Too Much Hype But What Lies Beneath: A Few Reasons Not To Play ArcheAge?

ArcheAge Reasons Not To Play

First off, my initial insignificant complaint about most korean MMORPGs, is that the male humans look disturbingly “pretty”. I love how World of Warcraft can make you run with the gnarliest, nastiest looking characters you can think up, DC Universe allows you to draw up the evil looking villains, and who can’t forget Skyrim where the non-human races were menacing enough to interest people to actually play them. Like Guildwars 2, Lineage and other Korean MMORPGS, human facial features for male characters are a bit soft and effeminate. Come on, like were not nerdy enough already, you wanna take away what little testosterone we have left.

We’ve been hyped for this game and are excited to play when the servers open on September 16th but
we don’t want to false advertise and let you waste hours on this game without hearing the bad things the internet has to say about ArcheAge. Just to be fair here are some of them in no particular order.

ArcheAge Offers

ArcheAge Offers

It Is Hella’ Grindy, “Questing Is Boring”

Quest chains feel like they serve little or no contribution toward the story, one quest has you delivering a Subpeona for divorce papers – what the firetruck? ArcheAge will have you traversing the map for 2000 experience points just to have you head back to the same spot repeatedly. It offers little encouragement for partying in early levels it feels like everyone in the map is just doing their own thing. Questing ends up boring and feels tedious and grindy. This might turn you away but there are alternatives to it if you care to find them.

Labor Points And Patron Status

For the casual player who logs in only once or just a few times in a week, the end game may leave you feeling inadequate. Labor points are gained by actually playing the game, or staying online to regenerate them, and are used in building homes and ships and the farming portions of the game. One worry is that people would spend hours afk, eating unecessary server resource, we don’t think this is a heavy blow to the game though – it might be more of a server issue.

A small complaint we had ourselves were the early level purses. These are dropped from mobs and used up quite a bit of labor points to open. They require you to click through 20-100(we collected a few at a time) of them at a time which is a very mind numbing task as only 1 out of 20 would contain a relevant crafting item. Guildwars 2 used the same with WvW Chests but the experience was a bit more rewarding because it felt closer to opening a pack in Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone, in ArcheAge it felt very ‘meh, whatever’.

In order to build homes or even post on the Auction house you need Patron status, which is obtained by paying a monthly fee. Players deduce that Trion Games employed this to discourage bots and gold sellers to waste time on the game, all good, but some wish that there were alternatives to gain Patron status. One suggested obtaining it at a certain level or a high but reasonable cost to it. ArcheAge’s housing and farming facet offer so much replay-ability and value, it is kind of sad that F2P players will not be able to experience this off the bat.

But some say –

It Is Farmville-ish

Some Korean players have experience with players who play the game oblivious of the other parts of the game and spend their time solely on farming. Some find it a nuisance as crafting, building ships and homes require you to farm. I imagine someone somewhere complaining – “Ow Em Gee, if I wanted to spend so much time farming I’d play Farmville, I want piracy and high seas battle! Not Farmville with better graphics”.

Alternative: Guerilla Farming(Haha we’ll leave you to find out for yourselves).

It is a sandbox game though so if this is your cup of tea then who’s to blame you Farmer John.

Everthing Starts At 50

Like life, the ripe age is 50, when you’ve suffered enough and are ready for the real game. This seems to apply to ArcheAge, one netizen went as far as calling it a “filler”. We’d like to believe it’s a right of passage – haha – and hopefully we will reap the fruits of suffering all the things we’ve mentioned above and find a game we’re willing to play for a few years, and not for just one WvW season then feel disappointingly cheated, sorry we have to shoot you down here ______ 2. 😀

Here is to hoping the community, the publishers and developers make more than a shiny polished game. See you guys online soon.

Here is a useful link from the forums that mentions a few things to keep in mind playing ArcheAge.

UPDATE: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?1356-Things-I-Wish-I-Knew-When-Starting-Archeage

Here’s our run with closed beta:

ArcheAge 4 Day Headstart

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GamerGate: My One Thing Against Video Games


I love every piece of video gaming I’ve ever encountered. From sweeping epics about dragons and adventure, to polygonal and personal stories wrapped in platform jumping, I have loved every game I’ve ever bought. But I’ve seen the worst of what my love has brought, and I hate it.

The label ‘Gamer’ has been exclusive to a certain archetype of person. Usually, hardcore gamers identify as male heterosexuals who escaped into gaming when they were young because they were awkward, boys who didn’t have much luck in a lot of things in life. I should know, I was, or am, one of them. But there is one thing that makes my blood boil over when I take a breath and see video gaming as a whole.

We’re rampantly sexist and a lot of us are proud of it. Game lobbies would, now fuck that, are filled with dudes who would actively harass female gamers. It comes in many flavors, both flirting and condescending, but somehow, both degrade into the latter once they realize that these women just want to play video games.

Just to tell you the truth about something, I wasn’t immune or innocent to this occurrence. For a long while, I believed in “Fake Gamer Girl”. I always thought that female game journos, or player themselves were just doing this because it was a trend. For that, I apologize to every woman I’ve scorned online.

The thing that made me realize that my anger was misdirected was that we are just people. We have our likes and dislikes, but for some reason, we’d still define ourselves through the bullshit saying that “men are from mars, women are from Venus”.

I just want to tell all of the people I identify with; you’re fucking wrong. We are all just people, and we have to understand the quirks that make us so. We’ve done a lot to make that line so real that it does feel like its right. For every male gamer who’s reading this; I can’t tell you to change, all I can tell is what I learned. That we’ve made so many fucking walls and archetypes that we’ve lost sight of what gaming brings us.

Video gaming brings us an escape. We can play as a man, or a woman, an alien, a good guy, or an asshole. Games give us worlds where we can be powerful, and where our littlest decisions can change worlds for the better or for the worse. Games can make us powerful or completely powerless.

Why does being a woman disqualify them for experiencing the same damn thing men do?

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Destiny Live Action Trailer

Destiny PS4 Bundle

Hints of a hat tip to recent box office titan Guardians of the Galaxy, Bungie and Activision’s recently released Destiny live action trailer is entertaining on its own. The game just recently hit gold and will be pulling more players via this ad running tonight on NCAA Football broadcasts.

Besides this, Sony will be releasing this sexy white Destiny bundle on release. Ooooohhhh creaaaammmyyy.

Destiny PS4 Bundle

Destiny PS4 Bundle

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