Anime Assault: Kill La Kill


Kill La Kill, for the most part, holds equal parts allure and scathing human insight into our world. Made by the same people who brought you Gurren Lagann, this anime was, for the most part, traditionally drawn and animated. It revolves around a girl named Matoi Ryuuko as she transfers to Honnouji Academy, a school ruled and controlled by Kiryuuin Satsuki, which for the most part is an all-around upstanding antagonist. Fuelled by the death of her Father, and wielding one half of a giant scissor sword, Matoi goes on a quest for vengeance against the patricidal murderer and the god robes, powerful school uniforms worn by Satsuki and her school elite. This isn’t some run of the mill battle anime either, it holds a lot of World War II symbolisms, let me just go through a few.

Hail Hy- W-We mean Satsuki!

War… War Never Changes unless the Fighters are Half or Fully Naked

The first few episodes revolve around the arrival of Ryuuko, who for the most part, represents the allied powers as they enter the fray…. Okay, are the weak ones gone? Let’s get down to business. Kill La Kill offers viewers a good splash of color, action, animation, score, and yes, feels all rolled up into one big throw back to Gurren Lagann. Being made by the same team, it is filled with reality punching sequences and all out spam attacks that leave you begging for more.

Oh wait… Did I mention fan service?

We got boobs for days…

Well there is a lot of it. From panty shots to upskirts, underboob, sideboob, and even boob flopping, it’s all in there. Not to mention, the character designs and animations are just gorgeous. The way they use a chalk and doodle style for the effects are simply amazing. That’s not to grab away from the dialogue and the Music though, but you will revel at the colourful backgrounds of the slums to the near uniform grey of Honnouji academy, they all look beautiful on your screen.

Hits all the right Notes

The score is something worth listening to as well. The Four Devas, students who basically serve as area bosses for Matoi to reach Satsuki, get wonderful background music that sets the mood and suspense. Even the magical girl transformation from high school student to semi-nude, leather clad, warrior princesses has this distinct song during the whole transformation to get you pumped for the upcoming battle filled with stars, explosions, and undergarments.

Watch it Because…

It is of note that, as much as the whole of the series alludes to the Second World War, it can be interpreted as a really good coming of age story of Matoi, as well as Satsuki. The way this plays out can’t be stressed enough without you watching the whole series, which I massively push you to do sometime right now. There are moments where you just well up with a feeling of warmth and how you feel for the characters. And in the end, a big lesson of overcoming rebellion, desire, preconceived notions, and clothes gives you a sense of passion with moving on and being content.

I highly recommend you watch this anime if not for the feels, then the fan service and the good battle animations. If you like more of the things you saw in Kill La Kill, you could try Gurren Lagann and Space Dandy for some over the top action and a few good laughs.




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Someone Was Nice Enough To Create Subs And We Were Better Off Before

Dragon Ball Z 2015

So far we know the Dragon Balls might have been collected again, and Gokou is going berzerk again. We’re as stumped as you. The movie will be out in 2015.

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Studio Ghibli!? Why oh why!?

Totoro Ghibli

As the announcement is made that Studio Ghibli, makers of some of the finest anime in all the world, is closing, I feel a deep sadness grow in the pit of my stomach. I’m sure that many of us were already out of sorts after Hayao Miyazaki stated that he was up for retirement after his last animation film “The Wind Rises” but I don’t know if any of us predicted this most terrible of outcomes after this said retirement.

In finality, producer Toshio Suzuki, announced that the production arm of Studio Ghibli will close down and what would remain of the company would be solely for the management of its various trademarks. As I write this, a whirlpool opens up in my mind and I can see Princess M, Soulman Toto, Wizardry wonders Howl and Kiki AND many more…start to get pulled in by the darkest depths of this maelstrom that is the end of an era. Sigh…it’s a good thing I can watch them again on my Studio Ghibli Collector’s DVD set. But still…why oh why?

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Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno is going to be the first of the 2 part continuation of the live action translation of Samurai X. The second part Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends – which sounds like, but we hope won’t be(no more live action movies?), based on the sad OVA finale to the animation series – Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection will come a month later.

One dangling debate hanging around the sequel(s) is if this strategy spears from want of profit for Warner Bros(The first film raked in $37 million locally) or effort to keep the integrity of the Shishio Makoto story line which spanned almost 34 episodes. We believe the later – Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno will be released in Japan on August 1, 2014 while Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends will immediately be released on September 1, 2014.

We hope more dates are announced soon for the rest of us.

Manila “Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno” – August 20, 2014, “Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends” – September. 24, 2014.

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Would you care to Photosynthesize with me? (Knights of Sidonia Review)

Originally a manga series by Tsutomu Nihei, Knights of Sidonia(not to be confused with Knights of Cydonia the song by Muse) tells the tale of the last(?) human colony ship(Sidonia) to survive the invasion and destruction of Earth by an alien race called the Gauna. With a dwindling population Sidonia fears the imminent assault of the Gauna and trains its most promising youth to pilot the Gardes – mechanized robots armed with a long range cannon and the priceless spears called the Kabizashi.

The story revolves around Nagate Tanikaze, seemingly, the last human who is plagued by hunger. This due to his inability to photosynthesize. Knights of Sidonia accounts Nagate’s rude awakening into being a Gardes pilot.

The series will remind you of the classic treatment of the robot pilot series of the 90s. The Gauna and Gardes share the same depth the Angels and EVAs of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The story may seem jagged and hurried at the beginning, even a bit disjointed at times, delving deeper into this series is, in a weird way, its own reward. The beauty of Knights of Sidonia is in how all your questions appear to be answered as the story unfolds, ’til you come to a point where everything pretty much fits and makes sense.

The story telling is thoughtfully done and compelling, with epic space battles and even a tiny tint of be being marooned in space. Knights of Sidonia is easily one of our favorite animes released this year.

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