Too Much Hype But What Lies Beneath: A Few Reasons Not To Play ArcheAge?

ArcheAge Reasons Not To Play

First off, my initial insignificant complaint about most korean MMORPGs, is that the male humans look disturbingly “pretty”. I love how World of Warcraft can make you run with the gnarliest, nastiest looking characters you can think up, DC Universe allows you to draw up the evil looking villains, and who can’t forget Skyrim where the non-human races were menacing enough to interest people to actually play them. Like Guildwars 2, Lineage and other Korean MMORPGS, human facial features for male characters are a bit soft and effeminate. Come on, like were not nerdy enough already, you wanna take away what little testosterone we have left.

We’ve been hyped for this game and are excited to play when the servers open on September 16th but
we don’t want to false advertise and let you waste hours on this game without hearing the bad things the internet has to say about ArcheAge. Just to be fair here are some of them in no particular order.

ArcheAge Offers

ArcheAge Offers

It Is Hella’ Grindy, “Questing Is Boring”

Quest chains feel like they serve little or no contribution toward the story, one quest has you delivering a Subpeona for divorce papers – what the firetruck? ArcheAge will have you traversing the map for 2000 experience points just to have you head back to the same spot repeatedly. It offers little encouragement for partying in early levels it feels like everyone in the map is just doing their own thing. Questing ends up boring and feels tedious and grindy. This might turn you away but there are alternatives to it if you care to find them.

Labor Points And Patron Status

For the casual player who logs in only once or just a few times in a week, the end game may leave you feeling inadequate. Labor points are gained by actually playing the game, or staying online to regenerate them, and are used in building homes and ships and the farming portions of the game. One worry is that people would spend hours afk, eating unecessary server resource, we don’t think this is a heavy blow to the game though – it might be more of a server issue.

A small complaint we had ourselves were the early level purses. These are dropped from mobs and used up quite a bit of labor points to open. They require you to click through 20-100(we collected a few at a time) of them at a time which is a very mind numbing task as only 1 out of 20 would contain a relevant crafting item. Guildwars 2 used the same with WvW Chests but the experience was a bit more rewarding because it felt closer to opening a pack in Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone, in ArcheAge it felt very ‘meh, whatever’.

In order to build homes or even post on the Auction house you need Patron status, which is obtained by paying a monthly fee. Players deduce that Trion Games employed this to discourage bots and gold sellers to waste time on the game, all good, but some wish that there were alternatives to gain Patron status. One suggested obtaining it at a certain level or a high but reasonable cost to it. ArcheAge’s housing and farming facet offer so much replay-ability and value, it is kind of sad that F2P players will not be able to experience this off the bat.

But some say –

It Is Farmville-ish

Some Korean players have experience with players who play the game oblivious of the other parts of the game and spend their time solely on farming. Some find it a nuisance as crafting, building ships and homes require you to farm. I imagine someone somewhere complaining – “Ow Em Gee, if I wanted to spend so much time farming I’d play Farmville, I want piracy and high seas battle! Not Farmville with better graphics”.

Alternative: Guerilla Farming(Haha we’ll leave you to find out for yourselves).

It is a sandbox game though so if this is your cup of tea then who’s to blame you Farmer John.

Everthing Starts At 50

Like life, the ripe age is 50, when you’ve suffered enough and are ready for the real game. This seems to apply to ArcheAge, one netizen went as far as calling it a “filler”. We’d like to believe it’s a right of passage – haha – and hopefully we will reap the fruits of suffering all the things we’ve mentioned above and find a game we’re willing to play for a few years, and not for just one WvW season then feel disappointingly cheated, sorry we have to shoot you down here ______ 2. 😀

Here is to hoping the community, the publishers and developers make more than a shiny polished game. See you guys online soon.

Here is a useful link from the forums that mentions a few things to keep in mind playing ArcheAge.

UPDATE: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?1356-Things-I-Wish-I-Knew-When-Starting-Archeage

Here’s our run with closed beta:

ArcheAge 4 Day Headstart

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ArcheAge Release Announced, But Should You Play Open Beta?

ArcheAge Launch

Trion Games has just announced that ArcheAge will finally be released on September 16. After the long wait, Trion and XLGames finally spilled the beans at PAX, Seattle. For the some who have been playing on the Alpha servers the announcement will make no difference as these players will be able to keep their characters as alpha will simply be moved to public test. Closed beta and open beta players will get wiped on September 10 to give way to the four day head start for Founder accounts. So you got the info, it will be your decision if you can wait or if you’re gonna dive into the open beta at the risk of losing everything on release.

ArcheAge Dates

ArcheAge Dates

We’ve experienced ArcheAge first hand and find its unique approach as a sandbox MMORPG is quite intriguing, from building homes, playing righteously or intentionally playing rogue style and breaking the law, there is little in this game that will hinder you from playing the way you want to. Here’s an example of how you can take the sandbox mmo to the next level.

Maximum Douche-baggery – ZiggyD Gaming

Phrases like WoW killer or “Next Big MMO” get flung around cheaply in this saturated multiplayer era, but with its Free To Play tag we think ArcheAge will indeed bite a big chunk from the population of a lot of games. A lot of us from TheGameArmory will be spending late hours grinding and questing in this game, of course we will share our adventures with you, but it would be a lot cooler if we catch you guys in game 😀

Here’s our run with closed beta:

ArcheAge 4 Day Headstart

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ArcheAge Soundtrack Was Just – Mindblowing, Someone Was Actually Riffing Over The Loop


One thing that we noticed over the weekend, playing ArcheAge to our hearts content, was the music was amazing, aside from being well produced, the variety was absolutely mind blowing and was inter weaved with the game and visuals thoughtfully. We were actually surprised to hear that one track had a guy soloing over the whole loop. It was a refreshing experience riding mount or gliding with a kids choir over the background. A lot of the music gave an epic and hopeful feel to the game which in itself already was. We’re sure you’d love to listen yourself so here you go. Enjoy!

We Simply Game. Nerd talk about anything and everything we come across with.

Let’s Play Archeage :D


Phew! That was a lot of editing 😀 We’re playing ArcheAge over the weekend into the next week 😀 Come hang out 😀 We’ll be back later if we’re not online right now 😀

We Simply Game. Nerd talk about anything and everything we come across with.