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Weekly Comic Roundup: Comics that need a little more Spotlight


There are a lot of comics out there getting a ton of attention because of their movie counterparts. Okay, okay, maybe it’s mostly Marvel getting new fans because of their successful string of awesome flicks (looking at you Guardians), but because of that, other titles get left by the wayside. So I figured; since people are getting into graphic novels, why shouldn’t I introduce some of the weirder stories roaming around online? So to kick this off I wanted to talk about Bedlam, a horror/detective story from Image Comics.

Way beyond PG
When people talk Batman, the conversation will eventually turn to Joker. How both of them work together in tandem and without one, the other may be a little dull. Bedlam runs on a very simple idea but I may have to spoil a classic Batman arc to get my point across so everything italicized is spoiler.

What if, at the end of the Killing Joke, the Joker actually agrees to get help? What if he reformed and in place of a normal life, he decides to use his twisted knowledge to benefit the community? This is the question that Bedlam asks.

Is evil something we are or something we do?

Bedlam is not a hopeful story; it’s a very horrible one which asks you to join it on a dark trail and it does so in a very visceral manner. However, it also tells a story of redemption, and while the comic is in its early arcs, it’s easy to see that the writers know exactly where this is going to end up. I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this journey. Pick up a digital copy and find out if this story’s for you. Once you do though, don’t prod at Bedlam and the question it asks. It might just drive you Madder than Red.

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