Hope For The Future, Paul McCartney’s End Credit Track For Destiny

Your Destiny Awaits

Well that was a pleasant surprise for me, waiting on a friend to finish his cigarette break I found a small icon on the lower right corner of the orbit screen. Give it a click or better yet just play the video above. Not much mention of this track by Paul McCartney(I pray to the gods we don’t have to tell you who he is) was made public, hopefully if you haven’t heard it yet it will be a glorious find for you as well.

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What This Fascination For “Loot Caves” Tell Us About This Generations Gamers

Lucky Bastard

I am not innocent of abusing game exploits, in this article about Destiny being a grind game, I mention a few sins I’ve been guilty of in the past. Some count resetting instances in Allods and even botting Diablo 3 for profit. I’ll take all your condescending remarks, it was a bad ordeal, and all my accounts have been banned since.

What I can’t understand is how people continuously complain about the loot drops in Destiny. When will people accept that this game is trying to give you more than 40 hours for your money’s worth. This isn’t an addition to the Halo series so it shouldn’t be treated as one. I think its brave of Bungie to try and build an MMO franchise, why don’t people appreciate the effort in that.

OK. I admit the story is shite, there is only a few incoherent and disconnected cut scenes that struggle to put a shameful story together, and to make it worse DLC has been blatantly announced and offered for pre-purchase. Fine, bottom line is they need the money, but come on folks! The Destiny loot system may be far from perfect, I for one got an Exotic out of a blunder of a Crucible Match, but that only proves that the game DOES drop these so revered impossible items. While you’re complaining about drops people are patiently hiding behind rocks picking off huge Cabals one by one for the Queens Wrath and completing the legendary set. Painfully I finished one event by myself and got my first legendary chest piece, I died more than 20 times. I admit I pretty much suck at FPSes, and I may have been undergeared to do a 24 heroic on my own, but I had fun and furthermore learned one must keep a Pulse Rifle handy(Some mobs will resist projectiles but die to one Pulse Rifle shot).

But that’s the beauty of grind games, the path to getting great loot will be its own reward. Soon people will be geared enough to run these raids solo and be posting speed runs where they’ve perfectly time the cycle of their grenades and skills to make these extremely difficult raids seem like cheese. And these folks whining about loot caves will have left the game I imagine, still left with no clue how much fun a game can be when you’re invested in it.

Destiny’s loot system is tough, but it’s not worse than Diablo 3’s legendaries rolling stats you do not exactly need, not even worse that World of Warcrafts broken die roll system, it’s not even close to how difficult it is to Guildwars 2’s legendary crafting.

I’m tired of hearing seeing entitled attitude, don’t play it if you don’t want to play it. If you wanted your hand held through out the game, don’t pick up a grind game, and for Christ’s sake lets stop saying console games can never be MMOs, it is a step towards perfecting Shooter MMOs on console, a large step at that.

I can only imagine what people will say when Kingdom Under Fire II hits next gen or will people nitpick The Division’s MMO facet, will they complain about how other people have better cars in The Crew? Enough please.

Overnight, a buddy of mine burned the midnight oil to finish the story and got into the raids after hitting 20, I checked his profile and saw 3 exotics. That is just one night.

NOTE: Image was just modified to hide the PSN ID. Ill ask him if he wants to get internet famous 😀

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Destiny Live Action Trailer

Destiny PS4 Bundle

Hints of a hat tip to recent box office titan Guardians of the Galaxy, Bungie and Activision’s recently released Destiny live action trailer is entertaining on its own. The game just recently hit gold and will be pulling more players via this ad running tonight on NCAA Football broadcasts.

Besides this, Sony will be releasing this sexy white Destiny bundle on release. Ooooohhhh creaaaammmyyy.

Destiny PS4 Bundle

Destiny PS4 Bundle

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