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Gotta Voice Em’ All!


Voice actor and game music composer Elspeth Eastman just released her cover of PokeRap. While she’s sticking with the original 151, this cover sorta sticks out cause she’s voicing them all.

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Someone Was Nice Enough To Create Subs And We Were Better Off Before

Dragon Ball Z 2015

So far we know the Dragon Balls might have been collected again, and Gokou is going berzerk again. We’re as stumped as you. The movie will be out in 2015.

We Simply Game. Nerd talk about anything and everything we come across with.
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Studio Ghibli!? Why oh why!?

Totoro Ghibli

As the announcement is made that Studio Ghibli, makers of some of the finest anime in all the world, is closing, I feel a deep sadness grow in the pit of my stomach. I’m sure that many of us were already out of sorts after Hayao Miyazaki stated that he was up for retirement after his last animation film “The Wind Rises” but I don’t know if any of us predicted this most terrible of outcomes after this said retirement.

In finality, producer Toshio Suzuki, announced that the production arm of Studio Ghibli will close down and what would remain of the company would be solely for the management of its various trademarks. As I write this, a whirlpool opens up in my mind and I can see Princess M, Soulman Toto, Wizardry wonders Howl and Kiki AND many more…start to get pulled in by the darkest depths of this maelstrom that is the end of an era. Sigh…it’s a good thing I can watch them again on my Studio Ghibli Collector’s DVD set. But still…why oh why?

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The Suicide Team

Assault on Arkham, the newest animation film from one of our most loved heroes is nearly here and no wonder “Crap! It’s Batman!” is on every fanboy’s (and fangirl’s) lips. The film will be available August 12 of this year so be sure to keep your sights on it as it promises to be a good one.

This short clip from Cosmic Book News shows just how good the fight scenes promise to be and what a clip it is: Batman coming in and out of shadow, zipping in and out of combat and giving those who stand against him a reason to say “Crap! It’s Batman!”

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Comic Con Reveals Footage From The Upcoming Simpsons Family Guy Crossover

While everyone at the San Diego Comics Convention is seeing amazing things first hand, we will have to do with this generous post on Youtube.

After years of fan rivalry, the Simpsons and Griffins finally duke it out in the much awaited crossover. The trailer shows some harmony between the two families, and yes we were hoping for a much more pacified story line(don’t feed the flames :D), but it looks like there is still a lot of pointless bickering and violence going down between the two patriarchs.

We Simply Game. Nerd talk about anything and everything we come across with.