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Powerless: Parks and Wreck


For every super fight, there is a city. For every awesome altercation, there is destruction, and largely comic book films have only just begun addressing the fact that heroes like to break stuff. The good guys win and the bad guys get sent away to Arkham or some frightening super-max designed specifically for villain shenanigans. But the aftermath is always, almost the same. Powerless deals with the aftermath and the prevention of each violent event. Luckily, Wayne Securities is tasked with the burden of helping regular people deal with their weird, violent world.

Epi-Pens and plagiarism

This series takes place in the fictionalized Charm City, which is apparently the brighter, more colorful neighbor of Gotham. Day to day, Charm City is bombarded by villains and heroes come to save the day. Of course after a while, any person will get jaded when they have to live in constant fear of city level destruction. So as Emily, played by Vanessa Hudgens, watches in awe as her morning commute is disturbed by a massive fight, other citizens just try their best to ignore it. At work, it’s revealed that Emily is tasked with helping motivate the staff of the strangely start-up like Wayne Securities.

The company’s hugest accomplishment was the creation of the Joker gas epi-pen, but ever since that, Wayne Securities has been coasting and just choose to rip off Lex Corp. It’s a funny premise and the topic of people dealing with super hero destruction is unique. However, that doesn’t mean the series is wholly original.



Old Familiar Places

It’s not far-fetched to say that Powerless follows sitcom formulas quite closely. The cast is made up of familiar faces like Danny Pudi and Alan Tudyk, both of which bring their bubbly charms in spades. Vanessa Hudgens plays the quirky bright eyed, small town girl quite well but this is where the series kind of falls into same-y territory. There are inspirations taken from a number of other comedy shows like Parks and Rec, along with other series that feature quirky characters and goofy office shenanigans. At the same time, Powerless also leans heavily on wink and nod humor in its references to the DC universe at large.

DC's Powerless

DC’s Powerless

The Staying Power

At the end of the day, Powerless is an inoffensive sitcom with a lot of comic book references and a bit of potential. The first episode has just come out and a lot of other shows only find their stride after a few more episodes. It’s a fun watch and only the future will tell whether or not this show will get a bit cleverer. Try it out, because there are a few funny gags in its half hour run time and its closest rival, Marvel’s Damage Control, won’t be out for a bit longer.

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This Might Be One Of The Best Upcoming Films On Our List

Kung Fury

This Kickstarter project is almost at its goal, with a hilariously over the top trailer, we know the Internet will not leave this project to fail. Still a few things are needed and you just might have or be what these folks need.

Don’t hesitate, collaboration is king.

Kung Fury on Kickstater.

Good luck Laser Unicorn! We are excited we see what happens to Kung Fury on his quest to take on the Kung Fuhrer.

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Epic Hair! Epic Grooves!

Smooth McGroove

Of course we remember those epic 16 bit midi files that we grew up with and of course, we remember their remakes. From James Hill playing Super Mario level one on his ukulele to Bcutter’s YouTube channel. But never and I mean never has a guy dedicated so much to the passion we have for these tunes we’re so fond of. That is why we would like to thank Smooth McGroove (and all those others) who bring once more, to life, our beloved repertoire of midis past. We raise a cold one to ya McGroove. And for those of us mere mortals, don’t forget to check out the channel on YouTube and get ready for some epicness! (tunewise and hairwise)


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It’s Going To Be A While Until Winter Comes Again…

Game of Thrones

And if you want the specific number of days, hours, minutes and seconds that you have to wait you can check here.

For now let’s enjoy how cookie and candid the cast and crew of our favorite fantasy-fiction series can be.

We Simply Game. Nerd talk about anything and everything we come across with.