Lyrical Comedy

We all recently learned of Robin Williams passing, as a gaming/geek culture site we find that its not in our right to report on this. But we are fans, and wish to tip our hat to one of the greatest comedians to grace this earth. As many of us grew older, music has became over produced, digitally polished and calculated, their art became refute while their meaning became base. Rare are songs that are socially relevant, or at the least, sincerely truthful. Many who felt this and sought it may have found comedians and comedy.

While music(mostly pop) became bland and meaningless, comedy in turn filled the void with brutal honesty and truth. We now look at comedians with a different light and respect, especially, great stand up comedians like Robin Williams.

The video above is an hour and a half stand up comedy titled Weapons Of Self Destruction(2009), while below is his earlier work An Evening with Robin Williams(1982). In both shows he pokes fun at reality, he talks politics, environment, sex and life and enacts his observations through brilliant comedy writing and acting. He even openly shares his struggle with his health, alcohol and depression.

Mr. Williams on how why he name his daughter Zelda:


Thanks for leaving us an abundance of your work Sir Robin Williams, we are big fans, specially of your stand up and brilliant improvisation, while you will be remembered for your comedy, you will be remembered more for its meaning. You surely will be missed.


UPDATE: HBO took claim of Weapons of Self Destruction and took the video down. We find it sad that they have only decided to act on this now that Mr. Williams has passed.

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