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Shaider Is Back In Space Sheriff Shaider: NEXT GENERATION And Guess Who Else


If your as old as I am, you grew up with a lot of live action fantasy shows from Japan. We didn’t even know what to call them back then but Wikipedia calls them Metal Hero Series, or series-es(?), I know it’s plural as is, it just isn’t plural enough in this context(Bioman, Mask Rider Black, Ultraman, the list goes on). Anyway, I found this floating around the internet and was shocked to see that Naomi Morinaga was in it, last news I heard about her was back in 2012 and it said that she was dead.


More research on the issue mentions that her death was “exaggerated” – well it’s not even true apparently! So hooray for Naomi Morinaga, who became a big part of our childhood fantasies as Space Sheriff’s Annie and, ehem, some of our adult fantasies as well – if you didn’t know, yes, she was a pornstar, no biggie so was Cameron Diaz.

The important thing is Shaider is back, and I sure can’t wait for English subtitles and watch the show.


Update: You can actually watch the entire original series on Youtube. You’re welcome that was the best playlist we could find.

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