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ArcheAge Release Announced, But Should You Play Open Beta?

ArcheAge Launch

Trion Games has just announced that ArcheAge will finally be released on September 16. After the long wait, Trion and XLGames finally spilled the beans at PAX, Seattle. For the some who have been playing on the Alpha servers the announcement will make no difference as these players will be able to keep their characters as alpha will simply be moved to public test. Closed beta and open beta players will get wiped on September 10 to give way to the four day head start for Founder accounts. So you got the info, it will be your decision if you can wait or if you’re gonna dive into the open beta at the risk of losing everything on release.

ArcheAge Dates

ArcheAge Dates

We’ve experienced ArcheAge first hand and find its unique approach as a sandbox MMORPG is quite intriguing, from building homes, playing righteously or intentionally playing rogue style and breaking the law, there is little in this game that will hinder you from playing the way you want to. Here’s an example of how you can take the sandbox mmo to the next level.

Maximum Douche-baggery – ZiggyD Gaming

Phrases like WoW killer or “Next Big MMO” get flung around cheaply in this saturated multiplayer era, but with its Free To Play tag we think ArcheAge will indeed bite a big chunk from the population of a lot of games. A lot of us from TheGameArmory will be spending late hours grinding and questing in this game, of course we will share our adventures with you, but it would be a lot cooler if we catch you guys in game 😀

Here’s our run with closed beta:

ArcheAge 4 Day Headstart

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