Don’t mess this up Snyder! (Even The Fans Are Working Hard On Trailers)

BatmanVSuperman Poster

First off, this is a fan made trailer. Let’s just make that clear.

One of the most epic fights (at least in my belief…nerds don’t hate!) in DC history is about to go to the silver screen and from what little the trailer shows us,  we can only sit on the edge of our seats and wait for the battle to begin. Actor choices (Affleck? seriously? but on the other hand, Mr. White!?) and all that fluff aside, in my head I can hear the whole of nerdom shush and keep still. They force themselves to keep quiet.

From time to time a member of their collective apprehensively goes over its archive of comic books to check and recheck their fictional facts gleaned from long and trying times of days past. They study and how much do they hope and expect to see what they know retold to them in full gamut of DC glory! And after purchasing their ticket and sitting and watching for two hours or so, they only wish to go home happy with what they have seen. After all, they want nothing but the movie to be a success. So Mr. Snyder…I hope you do not fail…you have, in your hands, the tender hopes of every living and breathing geek that walks this world.