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Screenshot Frenzy: Banner Saga, An Epically Depressing, Viking Inspired – RPG/Turn Based Strategy Game

Another successful kickstarter baby, Banner Saga – was but a benchmark purchase for me on my thrifty Honor 4x. Excited to test out this cheap Huwawei Octacore’s gaming prowess I picked up a few games from the Google Play Store for kicks. What started off as a fluke buy became two weeks of long loo breaks, 3 a.m. coffee runs from the bedroom and utter chaos in my work flow.

Here’s another installment of Screenshot Frenzy and a few captions to explain why you should pick this up on your mobile.





This game tends to be depressing, a whole lot, sometimes these sweet little events are the only break from utter sadness.


I honestly didn’t train a whole lot, but yeah more often only 1 or 2 guys from your party survive the battle to the end.


The only bad thing about the Android version I played was too many of these screens.


Day 16, 400 Clansmen and a few dozen fighters.


So where to boss?


Getting out of swings way.


It’s perfectly fine… we’re fracking Varl, this shit is easy.


Okay so, I see training has its perks.


Early game, Gunnulf is the man!


Let’s pitch camp fer now, give the caravan a bit of a rest.


More loading screens…. eck.


Even if everyone hates Ludin, let’s try him out.


Day 26 – On the Varl side of things.


Woopteedoo more Varl for us.


Destruction and Sadness: 1km ahead.


All right, ready?


This old man was a hoot. Disappeared though after scavenging some supplies for the caravan.


Up we go.


Hot damn this scene is intense.




We’re almost there!


Damn… so many Varl.


Waving our long ass banner…


The serpent.


A psychic serpent.


An unfamiliar psychic serpent.


Eyvind… pick up the phone…


Weird way to say hello on the phone.


The nothingness.


Yeah… via phone.



The hard headed Iver.


Day 99: We lookin’ good


All right all right… you can come.


Up through the mountains again.


Running low on supplies.


Phew! A god stone… a place to rest.


See nothing bad about that.


Yet another god stone.


The view is gorgeous.


Finally… Juuuno… I got your call, I’m here where are you?


No one’s here but those creepy villagers peeking out from their windows.


She’s not here Eyvind.


But the threads said so…


If yo momma Juno so hot why she ain’t here, why she not pull lightning out of her ass, I mean sky…


Damn boy you lost.


Oh yeah… and did I mention someone just died.


We just run out of Varl so 1 would be a lot of help.


Day 158: From 500 Clansmen, only about half left.


But things will be ok.


Or so we hope.


We lose some fighters on the way to Boersgard.


And then the narrator makes things worse.


I’m supposed to walk through all those dredge?


Ok I don’t understand any of that, but I’ll assume you know what’s best.


Bellower looks upon the last of us. No more fighters left.


Spoilers coming up ahead.


Time to face him Rook.


Ok mage upfront, like in all RPGs.


Nooooooo… Oddleif


But at what cost.


Told you spoilers up ahead.


Fuck this game right?


So frackin sad…


Bye Alette..


…. sniff.


God Damn you Stoic Games!!!!



Note: Character survival is based on how you play the game.

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Filipino Folklore Based Kickstarter Game “Devastated Dreams” (Pinoy Review)

Devastated Dreams

So, there I was… in “Alt-Tab” mode, searching for something interesting on the internet.

Just like any gamer/work-at-home dude would do, on a regular day… but as it turned out, it wasn’t so regular after all.


As a Filipino, I get a “fanboy” feeling whenever something “Pinoy” gets into a game.

I mean, how often do you find them in games, right?

Yes, we have Manny Pacquiao in boxing games,  Josie Rizal as a new Tekken 7 fighter, Jose Rizal in the 1999 Medal of Honor…

…and the classic “Anito” from the early 2000’s (I actually bought this game… but never made it far, lol).


As I was saying…

That day was not like other because I was greeted by something new — a reddit post about “Devastated Dreams”.

It’s a Filipino folklore based game by Matt Gilgenbach, and is currently on Kickstarter, labeled as a “Psychological horror about the fears of being an expectant parent from the team that delivered Neverending Nightmares”.

(This game breathes a different air from the failed Kickstarter campaign of another Pinoy setting based game I saw in the past)

Anyway, here’s a snippet from their campaign page…


“The protagonist of the game is Angel, a young Filipino woman who is living in the rural area of Aklan in Western Visayas in the Philippines. Visayas is a region rumored to have the most aswang – Filipino legendary monsters that are like vampires and werewolves only more twisted.

Western Visayas was also devastatingly affected by super typhoon Yolanda (known internationally as Haiyan) in November of 2013. The game will also feature other real locations from the Philippines including the Kabayan caves, which house fire mummies – incredibly well preserved bodies using a unique preservation process. Since the game takes place in nightmares, we can explore different regions of the Philippines that express the fears of the protagonist.”


The video attached to this page is me doing an actual first-time playthrough (starts at 1:38 ).


I can say that the suspense is there. The plot line sparked enough curiosity in me to want to know what’s next.

I also like that the non-Filipino developers were able to show elements from the game that are “really Pinoy”.

Overall, I think Devastated Dreams is a promising game.


I’m just not sure if it’s gonna’ get funded, but I hope it does — here’s the link if you want to cheap in (opens in new tab).


“Play high, stay high. Keep rolling, ’till next time.”


How about you, would this be something you’d like to play? What are your thoughts? Come and share on the comment box below.



Reviewing the Indies: Thomas was Alone

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas, was alone.
But not for long.

I like complicated games. The top titles I fell in love with last year were the Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, and Gone Home, which will get its own review soon. Sometimes though, complicated titles that deal with survival, meta theories about gaming, or dealing with your sexuality can take its toll. Sometimes you don’t need sweeping landscapes or intimately detailed environments. Hell, in rare occasions, a game doesn’t even need voice actors/actresses to tell a great story.

Sometimes, all you need to make a fantastic game with a great story is a bunch of polygons and a quirky narrator. This is exactly what Thomas was Alone is all about.

Simple Platforming Goodness
Platforming hasn’t been such a big thing since 3D environments have gotten bigger. 2D titles are rare, few, and are usually indie too. Thomas was Alone doesn’t buck that trend much. Everything about this game screams minimalism, and the gameplay really builds on that foundation. Sure, the levels are as simple as black platforms with a few animations in the background, but what impressed me is how the developers made use of that limited space.

I got to use every one of the characters’ abilities to their full extent, and then some. Later in the game, you’ll end up with a character that is basically the anti-gravity version of Thomas. Basically, it was one helluva trippy batch of levels, and it only got more complicated when the normal characters get mixed in.

Thomas Was Alone

The Point
What are really nice about this title weren’t the gorgeous but simple visuals. It was the gameplay. In Thomas was Alone, narration mattered. You didn’t need some digital sergeant to tell you where to go, and you never wanted one anyway. The game is several shades of self-referential, but it needs to be. Much of the title’s most hilarious moments are when they talk about Internet memes and even Nathan Fillion.

But another thing that got me about the game is that it tells a story that isn’t trying to be ironic or cynical. On the contrary, it’s trying to conjure up emphatic responses by making a bunch of 2D shapes relatable. I didn’t get that from Watch Dogs, nor any other triple A game to come out this year.

We all start alone, but when we try, our efforts no matter how pointless or hard they may be, might result in something good. Hell, along the way we might even meet some people who are just as crazy as we are.

Thomas was alone is brilliant in my books so I suggest getting it right now. It’s pretty cheap on steam and is often a favored title for when Humble Bundles come out.

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Concursion Demo Gameplay

Concursion Demo Gameplay

Concursion is a platform game that plays around with the idea of multiple dimensions overlapping each other. Holes and sections are cluttered over each level and stepping into them changes your character into the appropriate character with a different ability. The game throws in puzzle solving, hinting use of these dimensional rifts to progress through the game. The game is unique and caught our attention right away. It is simple, straightforward, witty and different. Give it try!

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