Day 1 Destiny Gameplay

Lets Play Destiny

We’ve been waiting for Destiny for ages. We didn’t get to play open beta so we just jumped into the game without little or even no knowledge of the game and its mechanics whatsoever. Finally, rolling with a Warlock, we traverse the ruins of earth with Peter Dinklage as our conscience and tour guide, to shoot stuff! SHOOOOT MORE STUFF!!! AND BLOOOW THEIR STUFF UP!!! And also ride that speeder from Star Wars.

Okay, so here’s what what we think of Destiny so far.

We felt Skyrim – open world, epic landscape, a warlock that’s a dragonborn – mashed up with Mass Effect, upgrade-able weapons, skills that give you mob advantage, armor, travelling through those mass relays, ooops.. wait scratch that! And some other MMORPG elements like respawning mobs and minor shit.

That’s our 5 second, $2 burger take on Destiny! It kept us coming back for more, it made us kill everything and anything that came into our sights. Destiny will have you running over the same mobs and maps repeatedly but somehow, you won’t care, not with your new shiny sniper rifle you won’t.

One thing we couldn’t do a lot was play with other people, cause we kept getting kicked out of the server, and it was lonely walking on the moon alone… so lonely.

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The Maker’s Eden Demo Gameplay

The Maker's Eden

TGA tests out the demo for The Maker’s Eden, a first person adventure game by ScrewyLightBulb. The game revolves around a mysterious character who wakes up in the distant future where androids and futuristic flying cars have become a reality. The dilemma is that you recall nothing of your origins, who you are and your purpose. Quickly you become a fugitive and gain the aide of fellow ID-less androids.

The game reminded us of Harrison Ford made famous Blade Runner, although the demo offers little to ascertain which side we were on, Runner or Droids.

We Simply Game. Nerd talk about anything and everything we come across with.