Would you care to Photosynthesize with me? (Knights of Sidonia Review)

Originally a manga series by Tsutomu Nihei, Knights of Sidonia(not to be confused with Knights of Cydonia the song by Muse) tells the tale of the last(?) human colony ship(Sidonia) to survive the invasion and destruction of Earth by an alien race called the Gauna. With a dwindling population Sidonia fears the imminent assault of the Gauna and trains its most promising youth to pilot the Gardes – mechanized robots armed with a long range cannon and the priceless spears called the Kabizashi.

The story revolves around Nagate Tanikaze, seemingly, the last human who is plagued by hunger. This due to his inability to photosynthesize. Knights of Sidonia accounts Nagate’s rude awakening into being a Gardes pilot.

The series will remind you of the classic treatment of the robot pilot series of the 90s. The Gauna and Gardes share the same depth the Angels and EVAs of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The story may seem jagged and hurried at the beginning, even a bit disjointed at times, delving deeper into this series is, in a weird way, its own reward. The beauty of Knights of Sidonia is in how all your questions appear to be answered as the story unfolds, ’til you come to a point where everything pretty much fits and makes sense.

The story telling is thoughtfully done and compelling, with epic space battles and even a tiny tint of be being marooned in space. Knights of Sidonia is easily one of our favorite animes released this year.

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