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“The Flash” Pilot Leaked And We’re Loving It!

The Flash

Last June 27th the pilot of the CW series “The Flash” was prematurely released. Normally this would have been a disaster but at the moment this booboo couldn’t have been better for “The Flash”. This unintentionally early release has shown the thought and planning that’s gone into this series and I can only say that the fans are loving it.

Now everyone is jumping over themselves because of the hype that’s resulted. But it is truly deserved namely because A – a fresh take on a series or character that could be otherwise thought of as a backdoor pilot or an exit strategy by CW for a connected series “Arrow” (I’m so hoping not) because of this I believe that we can sort of better understand the Flash more and it’s made the series a bit more personal. B –  It’s connection with “Arrow”  could especially dampen this new series, instead, “Arrow” has given it some pace and now it has literally hit the ground running. You’d expect any new series to start slowly and build itself up to a climax but actually The flash is like doing it vice-versa or starting in the middle which is really working well for this series  And C, finally some real red blooded super villains in the mix. The Flash actually fights someone who has powers, not just some pumped-up super serum junkie because c’mon, you gots to have them super villains. A super villain is kind of like the other half of a superhero’s story.

Overall, we can only say good things about this new CW series and that’s only three reasons out of a multitude for you to go and watch “The Flash” in a flash.