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The great world of warcraft experiment! PvP? it should be OPvP!

WoW Screen 1

After setting up key bindings and going through a multitude of macros to try and eek out as much competitive edge out of my 85 toon (level cap without Mists of Pandaria), I found that battlegrounds could leave a bitter taste in one’s virtual chomper. I can say this because of the simple reason that at this bracket in PvP, 90 level toons get to mix it up with the rest of the 80s and I can tell you that it’s no fun at all. These massively overpowered level 90 war machines simply go about extinguishing the fragile flames of their opponents and although you might put a dent or two in them, the fight is simply too unbalanced. Basically victory hinges on which side has the more 90 level players within their ranks. I’m not totally sure how those at Blizzard do the bracketing but the only thing I could say is this could potentially whittle down a PvP inclined player in his quest for rated glory but still we have to say that nothing keeps a good MMOer down. So, whether it is OP versus P, I say ‘bring it son!’

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