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Gnar, The Missing Link

Gnar, The Missing Link

Riot just released a sneak peak of their next addition to League of Legends, Gnar, the missing link. Gnar, our guess – a hat tip to the 1984 Gremlins, switches between both Mini and Mega forms by spending rage.

Gnar, The Missing Link

Gnar, The Missing Link

Mini Gnar is ranged, pretty soft but agile while Mega Gnar does big bursts and is tanky. His transformations make him capable of quick escapes and interval harasses which makes him a viable solo. Riot places him as a top lane champ but we will soon see, we’d like to see him jungle.

Riot doesn’t mention when the Gnar patch will be released, but we hear that we will be able to play the cute little rascal no later than September.


Gremlins 1984

Gnar’s Skills

Gnar Skills

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