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GamerGate: My One Thing Against Video Games


I love every piece of video gaming I’ve ever encountered. From sweeping epics about dragons and adventure, to polygonal and personal stories wrapped in platform jumping, I have loved every game I’ve ever bought. But I’ve seen the worst of what my love has brought, and I hate it.

The label ‘Gamer’ has been exclusive to a certain archetype of person. Usually, hardcore gamers identify as male heterosexuals who escaped into gaming when they were young because they were awkward, boys who didn’t have much luck in a lot of things in life. I should know, I was, or am, one of them. But there is one thing that makes my blood boil over when I take a breath and see video gaming as a whole.

We’re rampantly sexist and a lot of us are proud of it. Game lobbies would, now fuck that, are filled with dudes who would actively harass female gamers. It comes in many flavors, both flirting and condescending, but somehow, both degrade into the latter once they realize that these women just want to play video games.

Just to tell you the truth about something, I wasn’t immune or innocent to this occurrence. For a long while, I believed in “Fake Gamer Girl”. I always thought that female game journos, or player themselves were just doing this because it was a trend. For that, I apologize to every woman I’ve scorned online.

The thing that made me realize that my anger was misdirected was that we are just people. We have our likes and dislikes, but for some reason, we’d still define ourselves through the bullshit saying that “men are from mars, women are from Venus”.

I just want to tell all of the people I identify with; you’re fucking wrong. We are all just people, and we have to understand the quirks that make us so. We’ve done a lot to make that line so real that it does feel like its right. For every male gamer who’s reading this; I can’t tell you to change, all I can tell is what I learned. That we’ve made so many fucking walls and archetypes that we’ve lost sight of what gaming brings us.

Video gaming brings us an escape. We can play as a man, or a woman, an alien, a good guy, or an asshole. Games give us worlds where we can be powerful, and where our littlest decisions can change worlds for the better or for the worse. Games can make us powerful or completely powerless.

Why does being a woman disqualify them for experiencing the same damn thing men do?

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How Eternal Will Eternal Crusade Be?

Having been an early adapter of Warhammer Online, I was both skeptic and excited to learn of the development of Warhammer: Eternal Crusade. Last year Warhammer Online said its painful goodbyes to its niche community and went on to close down Mythic later in early in 2014. Their legacy forever tainted by their stint with Dungeon Keeper Online(One the most flamed, dreaded and hated strategy games on the mobile platform), I still believe their true fans will remember them for Dark Age of Camelot and the short lived Warhammer Online.

So why is this all blog worthy?

Well, 2 things, its derivative competitor World of Warcraft is still going strong. Don’t spit your coffee out just yet, I am myself a Blizzard fan. When I say derivative, I meant the story. It’s no great mystery that World of Warcraft is based off Warhammer lore, from the Orcs vs. Humans plot to the oh so powerful Liche, a lot of it is drawn from the Warhammer universe. What Blizzard has done so well and what the game developers who have licensed Warhammer for their games have failed in, is –  Polish. Yes, you know that, Blizzard makes shiny games. Even their biggest fails in Diablo III were fixed, via spit shine, right to perfection even if it took the longest while. I’m not talking about error 33, I mean that horrible, horrible thing that was called the real money auction.

Yes, but you haven’t answered the question yet…

Ok so why am I worried for Eternal Crusade? Well, at first it was a Blizzard project called Titan – although rumors became too convoluted to discern which had value or truth in it, one rumor that worried me was that it would be Starcraft as an MMORPG.

Well that’s not so bad… right?

Well yes we would have another monolithic studio backing one of the best Sci Fi MMORPGs ever and that is not bad at all. The thing is I want Eternal Crusade to survive. I want and have always wanted the Warhammer universe to prosper and grow, because I see to much overlap in the Space Marines and the Terran Marines and fear if Titan was indeed a Starcraft MMORPG it would again overshadow such a good thing, then we’d lose another great MMO to the void. But who’s to say. Destiny is out and it seems like a very strong MMO Shooter, I’m not sure how close they will be tugging players from each other but hopefully just enough to leave the other thriving.

A few friends say that I shouldn’t worry about Eternal Crusade, Warhammer 40k is solid gold with lore. But they said the same thing 5 years ago.

Eternal Crusades has an active community, check it out and if you like what you see start saving up for the Founders Packs.

See some of the pre-alpha gameplay below.

Watch live video from 40kcrusade on Twitch

Watch live video from 40kcrusade on Twitch

A happy monkey pretending to be a boy.