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World of Warcraft Lore at it’s best…should you give Blizzard a hand?

Lords of Draenor

The first entry into the “Lords of War” series is out and there is no doubt that Blizzard is going all out in its campaign to support the up and coming release of their new expansion “Warlords of Draenor”. The beginnings of the Shattered Hand is featured in this first episode and we see Kargath born as slave turned ruler. The story is a  bit ‘Spartacusy’ (excuse me the term) if you ask me but non the less, worth the watch . To sum up without getting into any spoilers being further mentioned, all of us here at The Game Armory can only say that you need to be a serious customer to even think about entering the ranks of the Shattered Hand. Or would you…really…give them…a hand.

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