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Unveiling the Spectacular Events and Exciting Schedule for Northern Clash 2023

Posted by shirley on 09/12/2023

Get ready for an electrifying convergence of strategy, camaraderie, and adrenaline-pumping competition at the much-awaited Northern Clash 2023! Following the resounding success of its inaugural edition, Northern Clash returns for its second year. This event is promising an even more exhilarating experience for all gaming enthusiasts. 

Northern Clash 2022 took the  Baguio Community by surprise. Nobody anticipated that such a major event would occur so suddenly. The event was a success and left the community and participants eager for more. The positive feedback and overwhelming support from the community will hopefully make Northern Clash an annual endeavor, ensuring a thrilling experience for everyone in the years to come. 

Be prepared as we delve into the exciting world of gaming and hobbies that promises to be a thrilling experience for enthusiasts, fans, and participants alike. This article will provide you with an overview of the events and the meticulously crafted schedule that awaits attendees at this year's Northern Clash.

Event Highlights:

1. TCG Tournaments Galore:

Engage in the ultimate showdowns as we bring forth the best players from across the region to compete in various exhilarating Trading Card Game (TCG) tournaments. The spotlight will shine on iconic TCGs, including Magic: The Gathering, One Piece TCG, and Flesh and Blood. Witness the thrill as seasoned players strategize and newcomers take their first steps into the competitive TCG world.

2. Dungeon Crawls and Epic Adventures:

Dive into the realms of imagination with introductory sessions and engaging demos for two of the most cherished tabletop role-playing games - Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer. Whether you're a battle-hardened dungeon master or a curious novice, these game introductions will kindle your passion for epic storytelling and tactical gameplay.

3. Miniature Painting and Warhammer Battles:

Unleash your creativity and artistic prowess at our Miniature Painting workshops. Immerse yourself in the world of fine details as you learn techniques to bring your Warhammer and other tabletop miniatures to life. Witness the spectacle of Warhammer battles where intricately painted armies clash in epic showdowns on meticulously crafted battlegrounds.

4. Alpha Clash Debut:

Be among the privileged few to experience the alpha unveiling of a new game that promises to redefine the gaming landscape. Join us as we venture into uncharted territories of excitement and discovery, exploring gameplay mechanics that will set the stage for future gaming trends.

5. L5R Community Meetup:

For aficionados of Legend of the Five Rings (L5R), Northern Clash offers a unique opportunity to connect, share insights, and celebrate the shared passion for this captivating universe. Immerse yourself in a dedicated L5R community meetup, forging new friendships and renewing bonds with fellow enthusiasts.

6. Fostering Community and Welcoming New Players:

Beyond the cutthroat competition, Northern Clash embraces a larger purpose - to strengthen the bonds of the gaming community. This event serves as a hub for players of all levels to come together, learn from each other, and celebrate their shared love for gaming. The event's inclusive atmosphere is designed to encourage new players to step into the world of competitive gaming while rekindling the spirit of seasoned veterans.

Here's a sneak peek at the schedule for Northern Clash 2023:

Day 1 - Friday (Oct. 6, 2023)


  • Gates Open
  • Learn to play Magic The Gathering 
  • D&D One-Shot Campaign


  • Magic the Gathering Pioneer Tournament
  • One Piece Strawhat Flagship Tournament
  • Evening:
  • Flesh & Blood Blitz Tunic OD Tournament
  •  Venue Close (12 mn)

Day 2 - Saturday (Oct. 7, 2023)


  • Gates Open
  • Learn to play Alpha Clash
  • D&D One-Shot Campaign
  • Magic the Gathering Modern Tournament


  • Magic the Gathering CEDH Tournament 
  • Flesh & Blood CCT Tunic OD Tournament
  • Magic the Gathering Pauper Tournament
  • Warhammer KT Mini Painting Demo
  • One Piece TCG MU Flagship Tournament
  • Evening: 
  • Flesh & Blood On Demand Blitz Tournament

Venue Close (12 mn)
Day 3 - Sunday (Oct. 8, 2023)


  • Gates Open
  • Learn to play Flesh & Blood
  • D&D One-Shot Campaign


  • Magic the Gathering Duel Commander Tournament
  • Warhammer KT Tournament
  • Flesh & Blood Bright Lights Sealed Deck Event
  • Warhammer KT Mini Painting Demo
  • One Piece TCG TGA Flagship Tournament
  • Evening: 
  • Legend of the Five Rings Meet-Up Event
  • Flesh & Blood On Demand Blitz Tournament
  • Venue Close (12 mn)

Join us as we unite players, old and new, under one roof. Let the battles, stories, and friendships be forged during these exhilarating days. Let it continue to burn bright long after the event concludes. Let's clash, create memories, and keep the fire of gaming passion alive!

Northern Clash 2023 promises an unforgettable weekend of gaming and community. With a diverse range of events and a packed schedule, attendees are sure to have their passion for gaming stoked and their thirst for competition quenched. Whether you're a seasoned pro, a casual gamer, or simply someone who loves the gaming culture, Northern Clash is the place to be this year. Mark your calendars, secure your tickets, and get ready for an epic Northern Clash 2023.

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