Magic Mondays: Amonkhet’s Gorgeous Full Art Lands

Wizards of the Coast just spoiled five gorgeous full art lands.…
February 21, 2017/by TheGameArmory

Powerless: Parks and Wreck

For every super fight, there is a city. For every awesome altercation,…
February 9, 2017/by Emmanuel Peredo
Multi Cat Meow Combo

Magic Mondays: Saheeli A-Rai!

I’m sure we’re not the only ones keeping open mana with a…
January 23, 2017/by Chad Chance Toffin A. E. Ford
Emrakul The Promised End

Magic Mondays: The Chopping Block, Emrakul’s Promised End

Bare with me: this will be my first public meandering on competitive…
January 13, 2017/by TheGameArmory

Screenshot Frenzy: Banner Saga, An Epically Depressing, Viking Inspired – RPG/Turn Based Strategy Game

Another successful kickstarter baby, Banner Saga - was but a…
August 13, 2015/by TheGameArmory
Devastated Dreams

Filipino Folklore Based Kickstarter Game “Devastated Dreams” (Pinoy Review)

So, there I was... in "Alt-Tab" mode, searching for something…
August 13, 2015/by Daily420
Kung Fury

I Was Hit By Lightning And Bitten By A Cobra – Kung Fury

Finally LaserUnicorns' Kung Fury is out! We've just recently…
May 28, 2015/by TheGameArmory
Persona 4

Screenshot Frenzy: Persona 4 Golden Is Indeed Golden

It may be a bit late to put my word in, but let me be the one…
May 1, 2015/by TheGameArmory

Marvel’s Agent Carter: A Heroine in the making

Captain America is probably the most iconic superhero next to…
March 2, 2015/by Emmanuel Peredo

Galavant: You have to Watch this Strange and Friendly Fairy Tale Mess

Monty Python, A Knight’s Tale, and Princess Bride are among…
February 15, 2015/by Emmanuel Peredo
This War of Mine

This War of Mine: A Bleak Tale of a City in War Times

Marko looked through the little keyhole in the grocery store.…
February 11, 2015/by Emmanuel Peredo

Saga: Explicit, Violent, Sweet, Instant Classic

There’s a reason why I wasn’t that excited for the new Star…
February 11, 2015/by Emmanuel Peredo

The New Year Show Round-Up

Woo! It’s been a while since we’ve updated, and that’s…
February 10, 2015/by Emmanuel Peredo

Weeky Comic Round Up: All Star Superman an Old School Super Powered Fool

Doomed Planet. Desperate Scientists. Last Hope. Superman. Superman’s…
November 10, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo

Anime Assault: Kill La Kill

GIGA! DRILL! STRIIIIPPPPPEEERR! Kill La Kill, for the most…
November 10, 2014/by Jared Karl Garcia
Your Destiny Awaits

Hope For The Future, Paul McCartney’s End Credit Track For Destiny

Well that was a pleasant surprise for me, waiting on a friend…
November 2, 2014/by TheGameArmory

The Strain: Slow Boiling Action Bonanza

Boy, Guillermo Del Toro is getting a lot of gigs lately, and…
October 21, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo

Weekly Comic Round Up: Sex Criminals

I want to take a step back, think for a bit, and if you’re…
October 21, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo
Lucky Bastard

What This Fascination For “Loot Caves” Tell Us About This Generations Gamers

I am not innocent of abusing game exploits, in this article…
September 30, 2014/by Rohan RImando
Thomas Was Alone

Reviewing the Indies: Thomas was Alone

Thomas, was alone. But not for long. I like complicated games.…
September 29, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo

Gotham: It ain’t exactly Good

God, I wanted Gotham to be good. I wanted Gotham to be great…
September 29, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo
Marvel's Hawkeye

Weekly Comic Round-Up: Hawkeye

You know what sucks about being an Avenger? The only time when…
September 22, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo
Your Destiny Awaits

Welcome to the Grind: A Misconception Of Misconceptions: What I Think Destiny Really Is(A Sort Of Review)

I've played about 40+ hours of Destiny to date, and despite my…
September 22, 2014/by Rohan RImando
Robotnik Looks Like Destiny Acolyte

Hey Destiny, Is That… Dr. Robotnik?

On the left is a Fallen Acolyte from Destiny, on the right is…
September 10, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Lets Play Destiny

Day 1 Destiny Gameplay

We've been waiting for Destiny for ages. We didn't get to play…
September 10, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Batman Arkham Knight Collectors Edition

Batman: Arkham Knight Limited And Batmobile Editions

Batman Akrham Knight just brewed up a storm with its Batmobile…
September 10, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Weekly Comic Round-Up: Ms. Marvel

Dark comics are fun to read and number in the hundreds. Bedlam…
September 8, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo
ArcheAge Reasons Not To Play

Too Much Hype But What Lies Beneath: A Few Reasons Not To Play ArcheAge?

First off, my initial insignificant complaint about most korean…
September 8, 2014/by Rohan RImando

GamerGate: My One Thing Against Video Games

I love every piece of video gaming I’ve ever encountered. From…
September 7, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo
Destiny PS4 Bundle

Destiny Live Action Trailer

Hints of a hat tip to recent box office titan Guardians of the…
September 5, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Strife: A Second MOBA From S2 Games

S2 Games of Heroes of Newerth fame, are trying a second round…
September 3, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Warface Cooperative Gameplay

Warface Coop Gameplay

Although Warface has been labeled pay to win by many, and further…
September 1, 2014/by TheGameArmory
BatmanVSuperman Poster

Don’t mess this up Snyder! (Even The Fans Are Working Hard On Trailers)

First off, this is a fan made trailer. Let's just make that clear. One…
August 31, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla
Guardians of the Galaxy

I think I’m thinking too much reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy (A Review)

It’s very hard not to fall in love with The Guardians of the…
August 31, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo

Weekly Comic Roundup: Comics that need a little more Spotlight

There are a lot of comics out there getting a ton of attention…
August 31, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo
In The Flesh

In the Flesh: Whooping the Walking Dead’s Rotting Bum (A Review)

In the Flesh opens like any other standard zombie fare would.…
August 31, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo
ArcheAge Launch

ArcheAge Release Announced, But Should You Play Open Beta?

Trion Games has just announced that ArcheAge will finally be…
August 31, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Groove…What!?

Although the movie is sadly not totally faithful to the comic,…
August 30, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla
WoW Screen 1

The great world of warcraft experiment! PvP? it should be OPvP!

After setting up key bindings and going through a multitude of…
August 30, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla
Lords of Draenor

World of Warcraft Lore at it’s best…should you give Blizzard a hand?

The first entry into the "Lords of War" series is out and there…
August 30, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla

Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather Gameplay

Aritana and the Harpy's Feather tells the story of a young boy,…
August 29, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Concursion Demo Gameplay

Concursion Demo Gameplay

Concursion is a platform game that plays around with the idea…
August 29, 2014/by TheGameArmory
The Maker's Eden

The Maker’s Eden Demo Gameplay

TGA tests out the demo for The Maker's Eden, a first person adventure…
August 28, 2014/by TheGameArmory

ArcheAge Soundtrack Was Just – Mindblowing, Someone Was Actually Riffing Over The Loop

One thing that we noticed over the weekend, playing ArcheAge…
August 25, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Let’s Play Archeage 😀

Phew! That was a lot of editing 😀 We're playing ArcheAge over…
August 23, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Snow Piercer

Snowpiercer: Killing Your Soul One Train Car At A Time (A Review)

There's not a lot to be said about this film that hasn't already…
August 22, 2014/by Emmanuel Peredo

Borderlands 2 And Dishonored Free On Steam For The Weekend

The grand daddy of First Person Online Shooters is free on Steam…
August 21, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Silent Hills

Del Toro, Kojima, And Reedus Equals You Pee In Your Pants In Silent Hills

Weather its a typo or the defining factor for this game, Silent…
August 20, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Yet Another Moba: Gigantic

It looks like the gaming world is going crazy with the small…
August 20, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Dante's Redemption

Dante’s Redemption

"Dante's Redemption" is a fan-fiction short film directed by…
August 20, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Lets Play The Forest With Kraedek

A First Try At The Forest

Here's a first try at the survival horror game The Forest. Thanks…
August 20, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Check Out The Next Naruto Movie Trailer

The trailer for next movie from the popular anime series Naruto…
August 19, 2014/by TheGameArmory
The Darkness 2

Sweet Price Drop For An Old Goodie, The Darkness 2 Demo Gameplay

The Darkness II is on sale on Steam for $5.99 we took a peep…
August 19, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Sanctum 2

A Refreshing Hybrid, For A Steep Price. Sanctum 2 Gameplay

Sanctum 2 is a first person shooter mashed up with tower defense.…
August 19, 2014/by TheGameArmory
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

We will not be slaves! But we will be conquerors!

Finally the cinematic trailer is out for Warlords of Draenor…
August 16, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Warlords of Draenor

The Great World Of Warcraft Experiment! Practicality, Practicality and Practicality.

Upon entering Azeroth, well what was left of it after the cataclysm,…
August 16, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla

Firefall Finally Launched

After more than two years in closed beta and almost a year in…
August 14, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Life is Strange: Max Caulfield

Gamescom Reveals More On Life is Strange

Square Enix partners up with "Remember Me" developers Dontnod…
August 14, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Earlier this year Disney has begun filming for the fifth addition…
August 14, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Runescape New Content In The Works

Over A Decade Later Runescape Gets Its First Expansion

Jagex Games Studio just added the conclusion to their 10 year…
August 14, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Marvel Heroes 2015

Marvel Heroes 2015 Gameplay

This game has been out since June 4, 2013 but we haven't been…
August 12, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Razer Game Booster

What’s Your Game Booster Made Of?

It's a well known fact that we, as gamers, try to squeezed every…
August 12, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla

Guns And Robots Gameplay Review

Although its environment may seem cartoony and lean toward humorous…
August 12, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Resident Evil HD

Resident Evil Remastered

If you're bridging your thirties or in your late twenties, chances…
August 12, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Battle of Five Armies

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The final installment for the film adaptation of The Hobbit,…
August 12, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Kirkman And Reedus Take A Break From Walking Dead For A Breath Of Air

Walking Dead Creator, Robert Kirkman teams ups with Walking Dead…
August 12, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Lyrical Comedy

We all recently learned of Robin Williams passing, as a gaming/geek…
August 12, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Gotta Voice Em’ All!

Voice actor and game music composer Elspeth Eastman just released…
August 10, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Rise of Incarnates

A Bit Of Gameplay From The Upcoming Rise of Incarnates

Rise of Incarnates is in open beta at the moment, we were able…
August 9, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Nosgoth Beta Free To Play Till August 10th

Nosgoth, an online multiplayer third-person shooter, based on…
August 8, 2014/by TheGameArmory
World of Warcraft


Blizzard has, to many gamers' chagrine, created a game so devastatingly…
August 8, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla

Optimus PS One and Megatron Drive?

I never owned a Sega Megadrive, but this gave me doses of nostalgia.…
August 8, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Sierra Entertainment

After A Long Slumber The Mountain Awakes

Developer and publisher Sierra-Online, which published one of…
August 8, 2014/by Rohan RImando
Kung Fury

This Might Be One Of The Best Upcoming Films On Our List

This Kickstarter project is almost at its goal, with a hilariously…
August 8, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Assasin's Creed Rogue

Ubisoft Clears The Air With Assasin’s Creed Rogue Trailer

Earlier last week some people had been bickering over the internet…
August 8, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Nexon Adding Zombies To Their Version Of Counter Strike 2

Although people continually complain about how Nexon's trailer…
August 8, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Dragon Ball Z 2015

Someone Was Nice Enough To Create Subs And We Were Better Off Before

So far we know the Dragon Balls might have been collected again,…
August 8, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Battlefield 4 Free

Battlefield 4 Is Free To Play For A Week

Yep, if you've been waiting for a go at Battlefield 4 on PC,…
August 8, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Captain America 3 In The Works! Bring it!

We all loved Winter Soldier and It's now in the works for Chris…
August 7, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla
Smooth McGroove

Epic Hair! Epic Grooves!

Of course we remember those epic 16 bit midi files that we grew…
August 7, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla
Winter Soldier

Not So Icy After All You Winter Soldier You!

MTV has release this short but sweet exclusive from Captain America:…
August 6, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla
The Flash

“The Flash” Pilot Leaked And We’re Loving It!

Last June 27th the pilot of the CW series "The Flash" was prematurely…
August 5, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla
Totoro Ghibli

Studio Ghibli!? Why oh why!?

As the announcement is made that Studio Ghibli, makers of some…
August 5, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla
The Suicide Team


Assault on Arkham, the newest animation film from one of our…
August 5, 2014/by Carlo Funtanilla
Thanos - Not A Gas Cloud

Hooray Thanos

We are happy to see that Thanos has been given the proper state…
August 5, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Deadpool - Can't Kill Him

This Deadpool Test Footage Is Still Up Despite It Being Shot Down A Bazillion Times

Like Deadpool, this test footage seems to have the power of…
August 5, 2014/by TheGameArmory
BF4 Megalodon

Everybody Likes Eggs, Specially Easter Eggs, And DICE’s Shooters

FunWithGuru posts some hilarious and entertaining Easter Eggs…
August 5, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Game of Thrones

It’s Going To Be A While Until Winter Comes Again…

And if you want the specific number of days, hours, minutes and…
August 5, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Mass Effect 4

So The Mako Is Back, The New Suit Looks Cool, But Will It Make Us Forget?

Bioware has revealed some plans and answered questions for fans…
August 4, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno is going to be the first of the…
August 4, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Shaider Is Back In Space Sheriff Shaider: NEXT GENERATION And Guess Who Else

If your as old as I am, you grew up with a lot of live action…
July 31, 2014/by Rohan RImando

Free games for Playstation Plus in August

I've had Playstation Plus since December 2013 and it is one of…
July 31, 2014/by Dan Moredo

Interstellar’s Breathtaking Trailer Is Surprisingly Hopeful

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar trailer is gorgeous and surprisingly…
July 30, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Sony Sure Is Quirky, But Thanks For The Last of Us: One Night Live

Sony and Naughty Dog tried something new with their release of…
July 30, 2014/by TheGameArmory

A Trailer To Kill For?

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez shows us a little more of their…
July 30, 2014/by TheGameArmory
Gnar, The Missing Link

Gnar, The Missing Link

Riot just released a sneak peak of their next addition to League…
July 30, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Fan Translation For Final Fantasy Type-0 Shut Down

While Final Fantasy Type-0 coming to PS4 and Xbox One excited…
July 30, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Path of Exile Comic Issue #1:The Karui Way Is Out!

We love it when independent game developers find revenue creatively,…
July 30, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Michael Bay Is Fresh Out Of Luck

Michael Bay's remake of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hasn't…
July 30, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Pro and Limited Editions Announced

Activision and Sledgehammer Games just put their eye candy collectors…
July 29, 2014/by TheGameArmory

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1:The Ghost of Seymour Hoffman

The new trailer for the series The Hunger Games is out. Snatching…
July 28, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Rise of Incarnates Taking Beta Signups!

The Bandai-Namco free to play brawler is taking signups for closed…
July 28, 2014/by TheGameArmory

How Eternal Will Eternal Crusade Be?

Having been an early adapter of Warhammer Online, I was both…
July 28, 2014/by Rohan RImando

The Arrow And Batman Universe Make A Delightful Overlap

Arrow's 3rd season trailer reveals a new villain borrowed from…
July 28, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Mad Max: Fury Road Prequel Looks Beautifully Violent

Mad Max: Fury Road the prequel to the original 1985 movie starring…
July 28, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Comic Con Reveals Footage From The Upcoming Simpsons Family Guy Crossover

While everyone at the San Diego Comics Convention is seeing amazing…
July 28, 2014/by TheGameArmory

This Elusive BatmanVSuperman Teaser Trailer

This elusive BatmanVSuperman teaser trailer has been put up and…
July 28, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Game of Thrones Actors Advice Their Characters

July 27, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Would you care to Photosynthesize with me? (Knights of Sidonia Review)

Originally a manga series by Tsutomu Nihei, Knights of Sidonia(not…
July 27, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Kingdom Under Fire II OBT Gameplay(PH Server)

You can play KUFII by registering under on of the following servers.…
July 27, 2014/by TheGameArmory

Swordsman Online OBT Gameplay and Early Impressions

Here are our thoughts on Swordsman Online from Perfect World…
July 27, 2014/by TheGameArmory


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