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A New Way to Play Multiplayer

Posted by Shir10ley on March 4, 2024

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is a game known for its versatility. The game constantly evolves to keep players engaged. Multiplayer variants add a layer of excitement, randomness, and strategy from other formats. Explore some of the intriguing multiplayer formats that inject a dose of unpredictability and social dynamics into the world of MTG.


Planechase Format: A Journey Through the Multiverse

Planechase is a format that takes Magic: The Gathering to a whole new dimension. The core of this variant lies in a shared planar deck and a planar die. Planechase promises an unpredictable journey through the multiverse. It injects a delightful blend of chaos and strategy into your multiplayer games. The Game’s duration would last approximately 50 minutes.

How to Play:

Begin a multiplayer game and reveal the top card of the shared planar deck. Everyone is on that plane, and all players are affected by its effects. Each player can roll the six-sided planar die during their main phase to do one of the following: 

  • If it lands on the planeswalker symbol the players must planeswalk and move on to the next plane. This happens by putting the current plane at the bottom of the planar deck and revealing the next one.
  • If it lands on the Chaos symbol, that player must trigger the Chaos ability of the plane. The first roll each turn is free, but if the player wants to roll the planar die more than once, they must pay (1) additional for each dice roll. The second roll each turn costs (1), the third roll costs (2), and so on.

A shared planar deck must contain at least 40 cards. The deck must at least have cards 10x the number of players in the game, whichever number is smaller. It also cannot contain more phenomenon cards than 2x the number of players in the game. Each card in a Planar deck must have a different name. You cannot have multiple copies of the same plane or phenomenon cards in the same Planar deck.


Take the Crown / The Monarch: A Royal Twist on Commander

Take the Crown / The Monarch introduces a royal twist to the popular Commander format. It brings in the Monarch mechanic for an added layer of strategy and competition. This variant adds an interesting dynamic to the usual Commander gameplay. Being the Monarch not only provides a card advantage but also becomes a strategic element in achieving victory. Players may need to balance their aggression in dealing damage to become the Monarch. They will also need to protect themselves and remain Monarch in the game until the end.

How to Play:

At the beginning of the game, a Monarch token is placed in the center of the table and the first player to deal damage becomes the Monarch. The game's winner is determined by the last player standing. But, there's another condition for victory: the winning player must also be the Monarch at the end of the game. The Monarch is a game mechanic introduced in the Conspiracy set. The card allows a player to draw an additional card at the beginning of their end step. 

The Monarch mechanic often leads to increased interaction and strategic decisions, as players aim to attack and defend strategically to gain or maintain the Monarch status. It introduces an extra layer of complexity to the traditional Commander format, making each game unique and potentially more dynamic.


Betrayal / Treachery: A Game of Deception and Intrigue

Treachery, also known as "Kingdom" or "Assassin," is a casual multiplayer fan-made game variant for Magic: The Gathering™ and is optimized for the Commander/EDH format. This format brings a captivating experience in the world of social deduction. This game shines with 5 to 7 players. But you can also play with 4 or 8+ people.

How to Play:

Deal one Identity card, face down, to each player after the identity cards have been shuffled. After that, every participant silently looks at their Identity card. The Leader/Monarch reveals themselves and turns their card face up. All other players keep their roles secret. The Leader/Monarch starts the game!

Victory is determined by your role —

  • The Leader/Monarch
    • The Leader/Monarch, and their Guardian/Guard, win if they are the last players standing.
  • Guardian/Guard
    • The Guardian/Guard helps the Leader/Monarch, they win or lose with them.
  • Assassin
    • The Assassins win if the Leader/Monarch is eliminated.
  • Traitor
    • The Traitor wins if they are the last player standing. (This means eliminating the Assassins before the Leader/Monarch and any other Traitors that may exist.)
  • Villager / Fool
    • The Leader/Monarch loses if the Villager/ Fool dies. The Villager/ Fool wins if they get eliminated/die first. 

This variant transforms your Magic game into a web of deception. It is where trust is a rare commodity, and players must navigate a complex landscape of hidden roles and shifting alliances.


Magic: The Gathering Multiplayer Variants For Ren Faire PH

In the realm of Magic: The Gathering, multiplayer variants add excitement and strategy. Planechase offers a journey through the multiverse with a shared planar deck and a planar die. Take the Crown / The Monarch introduces a strategic Monarch mechanic. Betrayal / Treachery is a social deduction game. These formats inject unpredictability, royal twists, and elements of deception. They showcase the game's versatility and foster unique and dynamic experiences for players. Whether it's traveling planes or navigating hidden roles, these variants enhance the charm of Magic: The Gathering.



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