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How We Buy Cards

Buying cards should be about quality and customized choices, which means that we do not buy cards in bulk. Individuality is our priority because we think every card has a unique value and significance for both the buyer and the seller. Unlike bulk buying, our method guarantees that each card is carefully selected for its quality and design. 

We maintain a high standard for our products because we choose to purchase cards individually. This approach is consistent with our dedication to providing a quality item that reflects every player and customer's expectations. We put a high priority on customer satisfaction by providing a thoughtfully chosen selection that showcases attention to detail and thoughtfulness. 

We have an easy-to-understand price structure for individual card components. Each card is priced at a base rate multiplied by 25. This pricing structure, in our opinion, fairly represents the importance we place on providing carefully selected, premium cards to each customer. This will guarantee that the customers will receive excellent products at an affordable and transparent price.



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