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Unveiling the Wonders of Ravnica Remastered

Posted by Shirley on February 12, 2024

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has always been a game of strategy and endless possibilities. One of the most beloved and iconic sets in MTG history is Ravnica. It is a plane filled with rich lore, intricate guilds, and powerful spells. Now, Wizards of the Coast has taken us on a nostalgic journey by remastering this classic set in the form of "Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Remastered." This set will be available on January 12, 2024, at your local game store or wherever Magic: The Gathering is sold. 


The Return to Ravnica and Its Guilds

Ravnica Remastered allows you to revisit old favorites and rediscover its charm. It is a nostalgic walk down memory lane for the original Ravnica set. The collection displays the spirit of Ravnica with its recognizable guilds. Each guild represents a unique combination of two mana colors. 

The Guilds you can join are: 

  • Azorius Senate (White & Blue)
  • House Dimir (Black & Blue)
  • Cult of Rakdos (Red & Black)
  • Gruul Clans (Red & Green)
  • Selesnya Conclave (White & Green)
  • Orzhov Syndicate (White & Black)
  • Izzet League (Red & Blue)
  • Golgari Swarm (Green & Black)
  • Boros Legion (White & Red)
  • Simic Combine (Green & Blue)


Mechanics that are Making a Comeback

Incorporating mechanics from the original Ravnica is a highlight of this set. These mechanics add depth and nostalgia to the gameplay. Which results in interesting interactions and strategies. The Ravnica Remastered set provides a fresh take on certain traditional MTG mechanics. Players can relive the thrills of :

  • Convoke
    • You can tap any untapped creature you control to convoke a spell, even one you haven't controlled continuously since the beginning of your most recent turn.
    • Tapping an untapped creature that's attacking or blocking to convoke a spell won't cause that creature to stop attacking or blocking.
  • Dredge
    • Dredge lets you replace any card draw, not only the one during your draw step.
    • If an effect puts a card into your hand without specifically using the word "draw," you're not drawing a card. Dredge can't replace this event.
    • One card draw can't be replaced by multiple dredge abilities.
  • Split Card
    • To cast a split card, choose one of its halves to cast. There's no way to cast both halves of any of the split cards featured in this set.
    • Split cards have two card faces on a single card. The characteristics of the half you didn't cast are ignored while the spell is on the stack.
  • Shock Lands
    • Unlike most dual lands, this land has two basic land types. It's not basic land type.
    • If an effect puts this land onto the battlefield tapped, you may pay 2 life, but it still enters tapped.
  • Gates
    • The subtype Gate has no special rules or significance, but other spells and abilities may refer to it.
    • Gate is not a basic land type.
  • Mentor
    • Mentor compares the power of the creature with mentor with the target creature at two different times. Once the triggered ability is put onto the stack, and once the triggered ability resolves. 
    • If the target creature's power is no longer less than the attacking creature's power as the ability resolves, mentor doesn't add a +1/+1 counter. For example, if two 3/3 creatures with mentor attack and both mentor triggers target the same 2/2 creature. The first to resolve puts a +1/+1 counter on it and the second does nothing.
  • Extort
    • The amount of life you gain from extort is based on the total amount of life lost, not the number of opponents you have. If your opponent's life total can't change, you won't gain any life.
    • The extort ability doesn't target any player.
    • The extort ability resolves before the spell that caused it to trigger. The ability resolves even if that spell is countered.
  • Spectacle
    • Damage dealt to a player causes that player to lose that much life.
    • Spectacle cares only that an opponent lost life during the turn, not that the opponent's life total is currently lower than it was. For example, if an opponent loses 1 life and then gains 2 life in the same turn, you can cast a spell for its spectacle cost that turn.
    • Spectacle doesn't change when you can cast the spell. You can't cast a sorcery with spectacle during an opponent's turn unless another effect allows you to do so, even if that player has lost life this turn.
  • Evolve
    • When comparing the stats of the two creatures for evolve, you always compare power to power and toughness to toughness.
    • Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, check its power and toughness against the power and toughness of the creature with evolve. If neither stat of the new creature is greater, evolve won't trigger at all.
  • Populate
    • Populate doesn't target the creature token you're copying. You choose that creature token as you're taking the populate action. You can choose any creature token you control. If a spell or ability causes you to create a creature token and then instructs you to populate. You may choose to copy the token you just created, or you may choose to copy another creature token you control.
    • If you control no creature tokens when you populate, nothing will happen.


Iconic Cards and Artwork

The cards in Ravnica Remastered have stunning new artwork. The art pays tribute to the original Ravnica set. This set is a visual feast for all collectors and players alike. Characters like Niv-Mizzet to legendary spells like Lightning Helix have fresh new looks. The different frames and vibrant colors breathe new life into these classic cards. This makes them a joy to collect and play with.

Ravnica Remastered offers an exciting collection of retro frame cards. The set features 135 retro framed cards. These retro frame cards are available in both Draft Boosters and Collector Boosters. They are also available in non-foil and traditional foil. There is at least one retro framed card in each Draft Booster and more than one in each Collector Booster. The set includes 25 commons, 36 uncommons, 58 rares, and 16 mythic rares in retro frames.

Additionally, Ravnica Remastered features borderless anime cards. It has unique, anime-inspired looks for returning favorites from Ravnica. There are 40 borderless cards, including 23 rares and 17 mythic rares. Another 30 borderless cards in an anime art style are inspired by War of the Spark. Borderless cards are available in non-foil and traditional foil. They are both available in Draft and Collector Boosters. The set also introduces 10 borderless shock lands. Available exclusively in non-foil and traditional foil in Collector Boosters. 

Serialized cards make their debut in the remastered product line. It has 64 retro frame rares and mythic rares serialized out of 500. The cards appear in a double rainbow version of the traditional foil. These serialized cards are mechanically identical to their non-serialized counterparts. It is only found in Collector Boosters.


"Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Remastered" successfully combines nostalgia, strategy, and visual appeal. This makes it a must-have for both seasoned MTG players and newcomers to the game. The remastering of this iconic set brings the wonders of Ravnica to a new generation of players. It ensures that the magic of this plane continues to captivate audiences in 2024 and beyond.


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